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  1. Darthas Retired Moderator Apr 19, 2015

    Friendly reminder that your spat with Valuna is not exactly the best thing to do in public, consider your language used in future. We do have a language policy on the site, but don't worry, this is not an official warning.


  2. Valuna Retired Moderator Apr 08, 2015

    Watch your language a bit. Seems you've lost your cool. You even took a bad joke seriously. I just called it stupid because you were throwing stupid at me for everything.

    You've said it. Gender roles are stupid and yet, I'm pretty sure you have it in mind on how it should be. Probably the reason why you keep all those things so close at heart when there are much more important things in life. Well, not my choice to be obsessed with those things.

    It's not like I chose to not find my answer. It's already there and I'm not changing it. I'm perfectly fine the way I am. It's not about being misinformed like you said. I may be wrong in the most twisted sense you can think of. It makes enough sense to me and that's all I need. Besides, why would I take upon the suggestion or advice from someone that behaves like a complete fool towards me? Nope, no thanks. Doesn't sound healthy to me. It's not about being ignorant, I choose to not to prioritize it in any way. Maybe someday, but it's definitely not important to me. And..now you're making sense out of things to suit yourself. Yeah, just suit yourself as you tend to do.

    Ari is insignificant to me, perhaps not to you. I don't even recall this happening, not at all. Then to think I am not stupid enough to throw stuff at people just because to have fun, especially not the things you mentioned. That's always been me. If I were to say something like that, which was unlikely at the time, then she must have done something herself to have made me say it. Blame both if anything. Yeah, it really hurts being called a stupid bitch. Not sure if I'll excuse you for this namecalling though. Getting too emotional here on things I don't even remember ever happening. Stop being a hopeless sad person, move on. Find another target, I'm pretty sure it wasn't me unless you are a very creepy person.

    I'm done with you. Reply to me or whatever. I can't be bothered with someone that keeps on whining and starts getting very offensive. Have fun wandering in the past.

    Seeya, cowgirl.

  3. Valuna Retired Moderator Apr 08, 2015

    Oh did I...? It's not common for me to call anyone a shameless slut, attention whore is not that uncommon. Nothing to hate if I don't even know who you're talking about. Then to think I never seriously had anything against someone aside from two people on AP. Definitely not an Ari. She was insignificant enough that I don't remember and couldn't care any less at this point.

    Calling it stupid, well your ideal is stupid, stupid! No, seriously. You take offense on anything that doesn't suit your ideal view of things or should be left unspoken of. Well, sucks to be you because some idiot like me says something dumb like that. Don't you act innocent on me anyway, I know very well you related gender roles and the likes to it to suit your ideal image to feed on some hate. It is also the reason why you don't share, to keep that fake innocent face. Well played, Sherlock.

    I asked, you said you weren't feeling like telling. I simply took upon those words. Being honest? I guess you have been more honest and been making more sense the past replies unlike how you tend to be. What's your obsession with me anyway?

    It's not a surprise you communicate fine with Redwyn. Haven't talked with Cy much to be certain of your case? Do you have more examples?

    Nefarious troll on AP? Did you hit your head? Seriously, that makes me laugh. How much of a troll I was to you when I wasn't. So little you know, you missed the jackpot again right there. I'm definitely not a saint on MT either. I never was and still am not. Otherwise I wouldn't say anything that might offend anyone or sound like Cy, whom everyone loves

  4. Valuna Retired Moderator Apr 08, 2015

    I make you laugh for not remembering someone from like what...5 years ago? Dunno, context showed it was more about Redwyn than this Ari person. I don't even know why you expect me to know Ari. I have already told you that I barely remember anyone from AP unless they literally played a larger role to me other than being a regular shoutbox person or the likes. Neither do I recall having seriously offended anyone on AP. Must have been someone that got butthurt over nothing. Just like you.

    Understand my type huh? Calling me a troll? Sure, I can troll but it's something I left behind long ago. It's fun though, but I am way more awesome now not being one.

    You're too much of a simpleton to do that. You might wonder why...well, says Jesus of Minitokyo aka wildrose that she completely understands my type. Kek

    Ding ding ding
    I'm sorry, but you missed the jackpot.

    What's this thing about Iri being an ass? Seemed fine to me. Cy probably knows since he knows like everyone. Not gonna bother.

    No, no, no, it doesn't work like that. You missed the punchline. Stop making me laugh, silly.

  5. Valuna Retired Moderator Apr 08, 2015

    Heh, I'll take Ari as Redwyn having read the context because otherwise I have no idea who you possibly are talking about.

    What have I done to her? You make it sound like I literally abused her or the likes. I take that as an offense, as it definitely was not the case and you accuse me of such thing.

    You shouldn't be sticking your nose into other's business. But then again, that's just you being you. I don't even see why you wander off by yourself saying I hate her. Again, that's you just being you. No matter how you look at it, it was her that got offended and her that caused it to escalate by will. Sure, I was part of it but I didn't egg it on purposely unlike her. There were no feelings involved until people took it personal.

    Oh man..I feel so great. Everything is about me. Of course, you people just keep bothering me on my guestbook spouting out stupid stuff and complain that it's about me. Just what do you expect?

    No, I don't care if the world is burning. I'm not a president, king, politician or some God. I'm only human and my world is only such a small world to not bother about the billions of other people on the planet. If you want to waste your life caring for all of them, go ahead. It's not my choice though, as selfish as I may seem.

    I have no idea how you can clear something about mumbling stuff on your own. You're not someone anyone can have a normal conversation with because of how you are. Good thing I have atleast a happy life. I hope you do too.

    Oh and..before I forget.

    You make me laugh.

  6. Valuna Retired Moderator Apr 08, 2015

    Quote by wildroseDo I really have to explain? Cuz I really don't feel like it. Why don't you try google? I mean that in a serious way. Gender roles, sexism, feminism, racism, homophobia, and etc. if you still think the same way you do, please wonder no more why you earned the hate.

    I'm gonna be an ass here and just say;

    Nope. Not doing it.

    If that's all it takes to make you hate someone, then that's purely your own problem. Feel free to hate me. One or two haters doesn't hurt in life.

  7. Valuna Retired Moderator Apr 08, 2015

    Quote by wildrose

    Quote by Valuna Lol, thanks for the compliment. Anyways, what's "it"?

    My pity. You don't deserves it anyway. Not that you need one either. So go on your merry misinformed way and live in your little cocoon of bigotry, love.

    Aww, come on. Why the hate?

  8. Valuna Retired Moderator Apr 08, 2015

    Lol, thanks for the compliment. Anyways, what's "it"?

  9. Valuna Retired Moderator Apr 08, 2015

    Quote by wildroseHohoho you saying that was a trap question? Oh, you little trickster you. Obviously you're not a narrow-minded bigot who think that men and women should only act a certain way to be true men and women.

    It's not a trap question when I basically asked him a personal question. How he answers it, is up to Darthy.

    Actually, I think it's more narrow-minded to call people names for a mere open question (would you say that saying black is racist?), in which there is more to say than yes or no and might make up an interesting story where one can learn from the other. Darthy, for example always gives very fun and enjoyable answers no matter what you ask. I wouldn't ask it if it wasn't him for the exact reasons what some people have recieved it.

    The gender roles are more defined by femeninity and masculinity(manliness) of someone, which again is defined by traditional roles from the past. That aside, it is a well-discussed matter seeing that extreme femenism is working it's way through and such question would cause quite a ruckus on any place. Interesting, but personally. I take traditional feminism as a preference as the extreme or modern femenism is a bit too much imo. I can work, I can dance, I can do anything and be anything I want and it will be accepted, so why want more? Only something like greed may cause it. Humans are selfish and never satisfied in general. Oh right..on to how women and men should act. A proper balance is always the best...unlike some couples of which none of both can cook *laughs*. It doesn't really matter who does it though. I can talk about this stuff way too much so I leave it at this.

    As for my question to Darthas, it really just depends on how you read it. It is possible one might get offended, while it does not hold anything offensive by itself. I must say he answered it properly and logically. It can not be answered well-enough, because such thing does not have a proper definition unless one makes it themselves, hence misinterperting it.

  10. Steffi1690 Moderator Apr 07, 2015


  11. Alenas Retired Moderator Apr 02, 2015

    Quote by wildrose

    Quote by Alenas It's a shame really that you say you're back to have one more wall deleted because that shouldn't really be the case. And not something to be proud of, lol.

    The main problem with your wall(s) is that you tend to resize the images you use - ie. you make them bigger than they are to fit your wallpaper size. That tends to make the quality of the image worse and results in jagged and pixelated images as evident in this image (especially the lines on her hands and fingers). Don't resize images you use and the quality should stay good and your wallpapers stay in the gallery. Jagged/pixelated and blurry wallpapers are not quality wallpapers and they always get deleted.

    Although, this will be deleted even without that reason because it seems you used that image from another wallpaper and that's considered ripping and is not allowed here.

    Hi there!

    I searched the gallery but couldn't find the original wallpaper you said this waller ripped this image from. Could you give me the link? I really think this a really cool concept and would like to see the original wall :)

    Yeah, you won't find it in the gallery here. I knew the waller from another site that used to be active (AnimePaper) so I recognized her rendition of a Rei scan immediately. The original is actually quite different from the deleted wall and it took me quite some time to find it but you can see it here: Link.

  12. angelxxuan Banned Member Mar 31, 2015

    greetings and welcome to the Anti Ecchi Club, feel free to stop by for a visit any time :)

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